On the set of Howard High with Chris Stokes

Chris stokes at Footage Films
Chris Stokes at the Footage Films Offices

Today marks the premiere of the Chris Stokes created series “Howard High”. Howard High is this generation’s Urban Glee. The concept, which was imagined by Chris Stokes pays homage to one of his favorite shows from his youth, “Fame”.

The show follows ‘Frank King,’ played by Brian White, (“Ray Donovan”/ ”Scandal”) a former honor roll student of the high school who is asked to come back and take a principal position at the school, not knowing that the school is on the verge of closing down because it has become the lowest-ranked school in the state. Frank also doesn’t realize that the only reason ‘Superintendent Thomas,’ played by Dorien Wilson, (“The Parkers”) offered him the position was so he could position him to take the fall and blame him for the school’s decline. To Frank’s surprise, there is major talent right under his nose within the performing arts music program. After firing the music teacher, and with the help of his friend and new music teacher ‘Michael Kirsh,’ played by singer Marques Houston, (You Got Served), Frank and his team just may be able to save the school! The show is also introducing newcomer (and Chris Stokes’ daughter), Chrissy Stokes, in the lead role of ‘Nicki Ross,’ a beautiful moody teenager who’s just moved to Los Angeles from Arizona, where she got into some trouble. She’s a bit shy, and in no rush to reveal the incredible singing talent that she has.

Take a backseat view of what it was like on set with the director below –

Howard High Behind The Scenes with Chris Stokes
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