Paula Patton Takes the Reins in New BET Plus Series ‘Sacrifice’ -–

See the First Look (Exclusive)


By Mekishana Pierre‍ 9:00 AM PDT, October 12, 2021 – ET ONLINE

Paula Patton is ready to take the reins on her new BET+ series, and she’s looking fierce while doing it!

The Mission Impossible actress leads the streamer’s upcoming series, Sacrifice, playing dangerously cool entertainment lawyer Daniella Hernandez and in ET’s exclusive sneak peek of the first season, fans get their first look at the fascinating cast of characters in her world.

Based on the BET+ original movie of the same name, the series follows Daniella’s life in the glitz and glamour of Los Angeles as she mitigates the complex lives of her rich and famous clients. An all-around boss with deft perception skills and cutthroat in her negotiations, Daniella is an X-Factor attorney in high demand with many nefarious clients.

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