New Series “Howard High” directed by Chris Stokes and starring his daughter set to release May 1

chrissy stokes on chris stokes blog
Chrissy Stokes on Chris Stokes Blog

While we are all still trying to make sense of these unprecedented times, we are finding ourselves turning more to entertainment for solace. For me, I’ve been streaming like crazy. I’m truly living the quarantine and chill life lol. And this May, May 1st to be exact my new series Howard High will be premiering on Urbanflix TV. The show which I call and “Urban Glee” is a nice “wholesome” show that the entire family can watch. Speaking of family, I was lucky enough to be able to work with my talented daughter Chrissy on this project. Chrissy plays the star of the series Nicki Ross.

Here’s a synopsis of Howard High:

High School is on the verge of closing down because it has become the lowest-ranked school in the state. Needing someone to take the fall for the school’s decline, Mr. Thomas reaches out to former honor role graduate Frank King (Brian White) to take over as principal. To Frank’s surprise, there is major talent right under his nose within the Performing Arts Music program. After firing the music teacher, and the help of his friend and new Music teacher Michael Kirsh (Marques Houston) Frank and his team just may be able to save the school.

It premieres May 1, 2020! I hope that you all can enjoy and find some comfort in it while we’re all enduring this pandemic together.

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