From Child Star to Media Mogul: Why Marques Houston Says His Worst Year Turned Into His Best Year 

In celebration of his forthcoming album, the iconic singer just dropped a new single from the project that he says was inspired by his life as a husband and father, and moments that nearly took him to this breaking point.

by By Falen Hardge

Photo By Miya Houston

Marques Houston has more in store for fans after his new single. 

It’s been almost two years since the megastar dropped his last album; now he’s back and ready to regain his rightful place in the R&B world. On Friday (May 24), Houston released a new track, “Last Drop” from his forthcoming album, “The Best Worst Year Ever,” slated to premiere later this year. In 2023, the child star turned media mogul navigated waves of highs and lows while balancing a full plate as an in-demand entertainer, along with his responsibilities as a doting husband and father.

“It’s crazy to be able to contrast good and bad,” he tells “When you’re an artist, people look at you like you’re not real sometimes, but we’re real people and we go through real problems.”

The singer admits the complexities of those moments “was like being hit with a reality check [that] you’re still human,” adding, “But then at the end of the day, things happen that you just can’t explain.”

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