For my grandkids!! Pretty cool and tutors make money.

Skool Mii was built as the academic needs of students increased and the achievement gap widened. During the pandemic, we surveyed numerous parents, students and front-line educators to better understand how the lack of personal interaction affected the progress of students, not only socially & emotionally but academically. This unforeseen change has caused students’ grades to plummet and their attentiveness to be negatively impacted. Fortunately, as virtual learning has become a new reality, we knew it was the best time to build a system that not only allowed for ongoing ‘face to face’ academic support, but a system that ultimately provides a consistent sense of normalcy to those who need it most. Skool Mii now provides academic support to both K-12 as well as college students, leaving them feeling supported, inspired, and motivated to not only realize, but accomplish their goals, whether in person or virtually.

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