Chris Stokes & Paula Patton In NYC Attending Fifth Annual Rihanna Diamond Ball

Chris Stokes & Paula Patton at JFK Airport

Chris Stokes was recently in NYC to attend Rihanna’s Fifth Annual Diamond Ball. Stokes was seen at the Diamond Ball and JFK Airport with his good friend and star of his latest BET show “Sacrifice”, Paula Patton. Patton is the star of the new series that is scheduled to be a big part of the launch of BET’s new streaming service BET +. Stokes is the Creator and Executive Producer of the show. He’s also set to direct some of the series’ episodes. Stokes is seen below with Patton in a sleek black outfit at the Diamond Ball. Can’t wait to see the first episode of this Series sounds like it’s going to be a good one!!

Chris Stokes & Paula Patton at Fifth Annual Diamond Ball