NFL Player Charged With Rape

Baltimore Ravens v Indianapolis Colts

Indianapolis Colts backup linebacker Josh McNary has been charged with felony rape, felony criminal confinement and misdemeanor battery resulting in bodily injury.

McNary, 26, has not yet been arrested, Peg McLeish, a spokeswoman for the Marion County Prosecutor’s Office said today, but an arrest warrant was signed by a judge.

A 29-year-old woman reported to police on the morning of December 1 that she was raped hours earlier at the apartment of a man she met while out at a bar.

She said she told the man several times she didn’t want to have sex and fought with him, scratching him on the face, neck, back and shoulder. The man forced her to have sex on his bed, she told police. She took the man’s cell phone as she left the apartment. A forensic nurse examined the woman and found injuries to her vagina and dried blood behind one ear.

Detectives used the cell phone that the woman took to identify McNary the next day. He was cooperative, police indicated, and he asked for a lawyer after being advised of his rights.A nurse found abrasions and scratches on his stomach, back, neck and shoulder, after he was taken in to custody. Investigators also found the woman’s clothing and an earring in McNary’s apartment.

A statement from the Colts organization said, “At this time, we are very concerned and trying to find out what the relevant facts are, but we have insufficient information to venture any opinion. As we learn more, we will make appropriate updates.”

The National Football League said the matter is “under review.”

Recently, the NFL revised its Personal Conduct Policy. It includes a minimum six-game suspension for crimes involving violent conduct, including domestic violence and sexual assault. The league reviewed its stance after widespread criticism of its handling of the Ray Rice case.

McNary is listed as a second-string inside linebacker for the Colts, who play the New England Patriots on Sunday in the AFC championship game. Definitely not the kind of attention the Colts need before Sunday’s game.

Mike Tyson Slaps Live Nation With $5 Million Lawsuit Over Alleged Embezzlement

Mike Tyson’s going for a knockout—in court.

The boxing champ is suing a financial-services firm and its parent company, Live Nation Entertainment, accusing one of their advisers of embezzling $300,000 from him and his wife, Lakiha.

Per the complaint filed in Los Angeles Superior Court and a copy of which was obtained by E! News, Tyson alleges that Brian Ourand of SFX Financial Advisory Management and Live Nation covered up the pilfering while the couple was going through bankruptcy, which prevented the Tysons from stabilizing their finances and forced them to turn down lucrative business opportunities.

The sports icon claims they trusted Ourand’s firm with their financial affairs without knowing they were receiving “false and misleading financial advice…to cover up his theft,” according to the docs.

That resulted in excess of $5 million in damages to the Tysons while their former adviser has not faced criminal prosecution and has since left SFX, the suit alleges. Not only that, but the Tysons asserted SFX/Live Nation tried “coercing” them into signing a settlement agreement and confidentiality agreement without providing a full accounting of the funds that were stolen.

The duo want unspecified damages, restitution, punitive damages and court costs.

Attorneys for Ourand and Live Nation were unavailable for comment.

Tyson, 46, has seen a career resurgence of late, thanks to cameos in box-office hits like The Hangover, appearances in best-selling video games and a one-man solo show he headlined in Las Vegas and on Broadway entitled Mike Tyson: Undisputed Truth.

Lance Armstrong’s Oprah Interview Scores Big Ratings

One person’s shame and ridicule is another person’s ratings gold!

A whopping 4.3 million viewers tuned in to last night’s Oprah’s Next Chapter to watch Oprah Winfrey grill Lance Armstrong about his alleged doping scandal, making it the highest rated weekday telecast in OWN history. And that was only part one!

Oprah and Lance Armstrong: The Worldwide Exclusive had the cyclist admitting to doping to win races starting in the mid ’90s. “I viewed [taking drugs] as very simple—oxygen-boosting drugs that were incredibly beneficial for performance sports. And that’s all you needed. My cocktail was only EPO—not a lot, transfusions and testosterone.”

When asked why he didn’t come clean sooner, Armstrong simply said: “I don’t know if I have a great answer. I will start my answer by saying this is too late…and that’s my fault. I view this situation as one big lie that I repeated many times.”

Part two (airing tonight on OWN) will feature more conversations between Oprah and Armstrong about his past use of performance-enhancement drugs and probably more kind-of-saying-sorry but not really.

Manti Te’o, Notre Dame Linebacker, Claims He Was the Victim of Girlfriend Hoax

Notre Dame’s linebacker Manti Te’o’s inspirational story of overcoming the death of his grandmother and girlfriend on the same day last fall — leading the Fighting Irish to an undefeated season — was a hoax.

Deadspin released the shocking report Wednesday, Jan. 16 that the 21-year-old Hawaiian native’s late girlfriend, Lennay Marie Kekua, never existed. While there is a Social Security Administration record of his grandmother Annette Santiago’s death on Sept. 11, 2012, there is not a record of the death of Kekua, who was said to be a 22-year-old Stanford University student who died of leukemia.

Te’o released a statement to ESPN Wednesday regarding the reports. “This is incredibly embarrassing to talk about, but over an extended period of time, I developed an emotional relationship with a woman I met online. We maintained what I thought to be an authentic relationship by communicating frequently online and on the phone, and I grew to care deeply about her,” the Heisman finalist said. “To realize that I was the victim of what was apparently someone’s sick joke and constant lies was, and is, painful and humiliating. It further pains me that the grief I felt and the sympathies expressed to me at the time of my grandmother’s death in September were in any way deepened by what I believed to be another significant loss in my life.”

“I am enormously grateful for the support of my family, friends and Notre Dame fans throughout this year. To think that I shared with them my happiness about my relationship and details that I thought to be true about her just makes me sick,” he continued. “I hope that people can understand how trying and confusing this whole experience has been. In retrospect, I obviously should have been much more cautious. If anything good comes of this, I hope it is that others will be far more guarded when they engage with people online than I was. Fortunately, I have many wonderful things in my life, and I’m looking forward to putting this painful experience behind me as I focus on preparing for the NFL Draft.”

Notre Dame Assistant Vice President Dennis Brown also issued a statement in response to the shocking revelation. “On Dec. 26, Notre Dame coaches were informed by Manti Te’o and his parents that Manti had been the victim of what appears to be a hoax in which someone using the fictitious name Lennay Kekua apparently ingratiated herself with Manti and then conspired with others to lead him to believe she had tragically died of leukemia,” he said. “The University immediately initiated an investigation to assist Manti and his family in discovering the motive for and nature of this hoax. While the proper authorities will continue to investigate this troubling matter, this appears to be, at a minimum, a sad and very cruel deception to entertain its perpetrators.”

But many reports speculate that Te’o was in on the hoax. Timothy Burke, co-author of the Deadspin article, told CNN, “Te’o’s story that he is completely innocent in this does not really ring true to us.”

Eva Longoria & Mark Sanchez Are Officially Dating

All of the rumors that have been swirling around about Eva Longoria and Mark Sanchez have officially been confirmed. The Desperate Housewives star and the New York Jets Quarterback have been seen out frequently together. The actress confirmed on “Extra” with “Mark and I are, you know, fine. We’re happy just dating,” admitted Longoria to friend and host Mario Lopez after he confronted her with the Sept. 11 issue of The Post with their photos and the headline “Mark and Eva celebrate” on the cover.

NFL To Use First-Ever Female Referee

Shannon Eastin, who has spent time officiating high school and college games, will be part of the replacement crew officiating Thursday’s Packers-Chargers game. Eastin has worked Mid-Eastern Athletic Conference games, and she also has worked the Arizona Cardinals’ Red and White game, a preseason scrimmage.

Coincidentally, at this time last season, the NFL’s head of officials said the league was considering hiring a female referee full time.

“We have some in our pipeline, and I expect we’ll see it soon,” he said.

Male or female, former NFL head of officials Mike Pereira said using replacement referees will ultimately hurt the integrity of the game.

“Now you’re going to get a group of people out there with no experience,” Pereira told The Dan Patrick Show, “and you’ve got such a mix of people — some with barely more than high school experience, you’ve got guys that have been out of the game for years, you’ve got guys that have officiated in the lingerie football league … you’ve got such a mix right now that it’s not good for the game.”

This is the first referee labor dispute since 2001 when a contract issue led to the referees missing the last exhibition game and first regular-season game of the season.