Lindsay Lohan Demanding Half A Million Dollars For A Energy Drink Promotion

Lindsay Lohan is reportedly looking to sort out her financial situation with a pricey promotion deal. The actress has been asked to come to Dubai to promote Mr Pink’s Ginseng Energy Drink, and according to sources, she’s demanding half a million dollars to do it.

However, Radar Online reports that the company only want to offer her $200,000 and expenses – and she might not even be able to travel to Dubai due to her history of legal complications.

An insider said “Dubai has very strict laws about convicted criminals entering the country, and Lindsay is still on probabtion for a necklace theft case.

“Lindsay is very upset about her financial woes and doesn’t trust her new lawyer, Mark Heller, to handle the Dubai travel problem.”

They added “Lindsay is being forced to live at home with [mum] Dina because she can’t afford any other options at the moment. Lindsay is flat out broke and can’t even afford to rent a two bedroom apartment in North Hollywood.”

“[The energy drink appearance] simply must happen for Lindsay. She is absolutely desperate for that cash.

“The shocking thing is that she will burn through the money just as quickly as she gets paid.”

We don’t blame Lindsay for asking, but will she get her half million? And is she worth it? What do you reckon?

Lindsay Lohan ‘Begged’ Pal To Lend Her NYC Pal – ‘Humiliated’ By Reports Of Living With Mom

Lindsay Lohan was so “humiliated” after reports broke that due to her dire financial situation she had been forced to live at home with mom, Dina Lohan in Long Island, New York, that she begged a wealthy pal to let her temporarily crash at their New York apartment, is exclusively reporting.

As previously reported, Lindsay moved back into the family house – taking the same small bedroom next to her mom’s, she had during her teens – because : “She’s flat-out broke and can’t even afford to rent a two-bedroom apartment in North Hollywood,” an insider said, adding the Liz & Dick star wouldn’t be able to pass a credit check or come up with the cash for a deposit at this time (

“Lindsay was absolutely mortified and humiliated over the reports she was living back at home with Dina,” a source tells Radar. “She was thoroughly embarrassed that people knew how bad her finances are and exactly how broke she is. She immediately begged a friend to let her crash at their apartment in Soho. It’s only a matter of time though before Lindsay wears out her welcome, as inevitably always happens, because she is a total slob and smokes like a chimney . She is still trying to get her own place, but she’s totally broke , and has beyond horrible credit — right now, she probably couldn’t even get a library card. Lindsay’s bank accounts are still frozen by the IRS because she owes almost $300k in back taxes.”

Meanwhile, it looks like Lindsay found a new free of charge crash pad just in time!

As previously reported , the 26-year-old and her mercurial mom , 50, were served by Chase Bank on Thursday, informing them of intent to foreclose on the family’s $1.3 million Long Island mansion. The process server told the NY Post that the delivery was in regards to a mortgage issue involving the cash-strapped show biz family.

Dina’s financial problems have been well-chronicled throughout the years, as the show biz parent, who is reported to be more than $1 million in the red, was previously on the brink of foreclosure both last year, and in 2005.

The mother and daughter duo clashed last fall over $40,000 Lindsay loaned Dina to dodge the bank repossessing the home.

Lindsay Lohan’s Talent Company Offering Her Up For Weddings & Bat Mitzvahs Amid Financial Troubles

Lindsay Lohan’s financial burdens are catching up with her, because the Liz & Dick star’s talent agency is now offering up their client for appearances at weddings and Bat Mitzvah’s in an effort to wrangle in some extra cash, is reporting.

According to a new report, the New York Post received a pitch via email from 123Talent — an agency claiming to rep the actress — with the subject line “Book One of Hollywood’s Biggest Movie Stars Lindsay Lohan Now!”

The email pitch went on to say that Lindsay, 26, would make appearances at any event, such as weddings and Bat Mitzvahs.

“Not only is Lindsay an Actress but she is also a Fashion Designer, Model and Recording Artist,” the pitch reminded readers in hopes it would add value to her appearance.

A highly lucrative endorsement deal also weighs in the balance for Lindsay with Odaingerous clothing line, who initially offered the troubled actress around $500,000 to be their spokesperson, but her recent arrests and legal troubles have the company re-thinking their offer and nothing has been signed.

“One deal is for $100,000 for a phone application which blocks unwanted calls,” Michael explained about the offers. “The other is for $30,000 for a ‘Don’t Drink and Drive message!'”

Michael slammed Lindsay’s new management team, saying, “Are they going to pay her bills? Seems like someone wants Lindsay to fall hard, which will only further cause stress, which she doesn’t need! I am sick of these inept people!”

Lindsay Lohan Bank Accounts Seized By IRS

Add an IRS seizure to the problems taxing Lindsay Lohan. Uncle Sam has taken control of all of the “Liz & Dick” star’s bank accounts in an effort to recover $233,904 in unpaid taxes from 2009 and 2011 and an unspecified amount from 2011, first reported. The asset freeze comes at a bad time for Lohan, 26. She’s due in court Dec. 12 for an arraignment on three misdemeanor charges related to her June car crash and may need to cough up cash for a new bail bond if Los Angeles County Superior Court Judge Jane Godfrey revokes her shoplifting probation. “I’m very concerned,” dad Michael Lohan told the Daily News Monday. “Where is all her money going?” He said his famous daughter recently made more than $100,000 to promote the new Mr. Pink energy drink, and that was after she allegedly helped mom Dina Lohan stave off foreclosure on her Long Island home with some $40,000. “I care about one thing: Lindsay’s life,” Michael Lohan said. “I know she’s drinking again, and that’s bad enough. What happens if she goes to jail? They don’t detox you in jail. I want her in rehab. I wanted her in rehab six months ago.” The “Mean Girls” star is reportedly stressed over her current legal situation but adamant she does not need rehab, TMZ reported Sunday.

Lindsay Lohan Tells Jay Leno Why She Canceled Her Interview With Barbara Walters

The actress, who stars as Elizabeth Taylor in Lifetime’s upcoming movie Liz & Dick, pulled out of a much-hyped interview with Barbara Walters that was to air last week on ABC’s 20/20.

Walters later told viewers of The View that she was “disappointed” about the cancellation, especially as Lohan had then granted an interview with Leno. When co-host Whoopi Goldberg told Walters that she was a “very different kind of interviewer” than Leno — implying that he would not ask any tough questions — Walters replied: “I couldn’t agree more.”

In the taping for Tuesday’s Tonight Show, Leno asked Lohan about the incident, saying Walters looked “a little … upset.”

“So I heard,” Lohan replied. Asked why she pulled out of the interview, Lohan said: “It’s just, the timing wasn’t right, right now. I love her, and I’m a big fan of Barbara Walters. I met her when I was very young, and when it’s right, she knows she’ll be the first person I sit down with.”

Lohan added that she hasn’t spoken to Walters herself. However, “it’s all good,” she said. “I spoke to her people she works with.”

Watch clips of Lohan’s interview with Leno below. Tonight Show airs at 11:35 p.m. on NBC, while Liz & Dick premieres at 9 p.m. Saturday.

Lindsay Lohan Could Go Back To Jail For Lying To The Police

Lindsay Lohan could be headed for trouble once again as it now appears the actress will be charged with the crime of lying to police after her June car accident on the Pacific Coast Highway in California, according to TMZ today. Lindsay Lohan allegedly plowed her Porsche into the back of an 18-wheel tractor trailer truck as told by multiple witnesses at that time.

However, the “Mean Girls” actress, 26, told cops a different story once she arrived at the hospital. The crime of lying to police will be filed as a misdemeanor by the Santa Monica City Attorney as early as this week. This could spell big trouble for Lohan given she’s still on probation for her necklace theft.

Lindsay Lohan was convicted of lifting a necklace from a Venice boutique back in February of last year. She ultimately pled guilty to a misdemeanor theft and violation of probation in that case and was sentenced to 120 days in jail and 480 hours of community service.

Lindsay Lohan could be heading back to jail for violating her probation by lying to police last June about her car accident.
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This latest criminal filing could trigger a violation of that probation, and Judge Stephanie Sautner, the judge in that case, could send her back to prison for a long time.

Lindsay Lohan To Sit Down With Barbara Walters For An Exclusive Interview

Lindsay Lohan will sit down for an exclusive interview with Barbara Walters, sources confirm.

According to the report, Walters recently visited the set of Lohan’s new TV movie, Liz & Dick, where the troubled 26-year-old starlet took the famed TV journalist behind the scenes of the much-anticipated production and gave a couple of interviews.

An updated interview will also be added to the special, which is set to air in the coming weeks. We’re not sure if the updated interview will include the actresses recent troubles with mom Dina and father Michael. Lindsay has recently been advised by her mom to get a protection order against her father.

Liz & Dick, in which Lohan portrays the late Oscar-winning icon Elizabeth Taylor, airs Nov. 25 on Lifetime.

Lindsay Lohan And Dina Lohan Have Big Blowout 911 Called

Dina and Lindsay Lohan have been reported to have had a huge falling out that turned physically violent between the two women that ended up with a 911 call being made.

The Lohan’s were reported to have been out on the town clubbing on Tuesday night in New York City. Sources on the scene stated that Lindsay and Dina Lohan left the club around 4 a.m. and were headed back to Dina Lohan’s Long Island home.

After Dina and Lindsay Lohan reached Dina’s home they began to argue while still inside their vehicle, the argument escalated and became physical with Lindsay Lohan reported to have sustained a gash on her leg.

There have also been numerous reports of property damage including a broken bracelet worn by Lindsay Lohan that was allegedly broken during the altercation.

Police officers on the scene have told the sources that the 911 call was a domestic violence call, with the caller stating that Lindsay Lohan was being held against her will by her mother Dina and the Lohan’s driver.

Lindsay Lohan Rushed To The Hospital

The actress was rushed to the hospital yesterday for what was initially believed to be a lung infection. Her mother Dina Lohan says she suffers from bronchial asthma, and blamed New York City’s high pollen count.

“Lindsay had not been feeling well all last week following a week of high pollen counts in New York,” Dina Lohan told the Daily News. “She has had bronchial asthma ever since she was little.”

Millions of people have seasonal allergies to pollen, a fine, powdery substance produced by plants, according to the Mayo Clinic. That allergic reaction is a common trigger for asthma.
Though asthma victims sometimes don’t realize they are having an ongoing attack, confusing it with bronchitis or other respiratory ailments, by Sunday the 26-year-old’s mother had put her foot down, claims a friend of the “Liz & Dick” star.

“Dina brought Lindsay to the hospital emergency room herself,” a friend said.

“She’s at Dina’s home now, resting,” the source added.

“Her mother is keeping a close eye on her. She’s safe.”

[NY Daily News]

Lindsay Lohan Arrested In NY Hit-And-Run Incident

Lindsay Lohan was arrested in New York early Wednesday in connection with leaving the scene of an accident, New York police tell The actress made contact with the knee of a pedestrian as she parked her Porsche Cayenne in a spot at Manhattan’s Dream Hotel at around 12:30 a.m. ET. Despite hitting the man, Lohan, 26, still went inside the hotel to attend an event with her passengers. When she left the hotel around 2:30 a.m., police were waiting for her as she stepped outside. The Long Island native was arrested on the misdemeanor, handcuffed, given a desk appearance ticket and released on her own recognizance. Police said Lindsay was “cooperative” while being taken into her custody and that alcohol was not involved. The pedestrian was taken to the hospital to be checked out.

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