Chris Stokes Fitness Friday

Chris Stokes

It’s Friday and another great, successful week is coming to a close. Starting this Friday and for ever Friday from now on I will be sharing some of my gym regimen. As I’m getting older I realize the importance and value of maintaining your health and making your body strong. With that said, welcome to Fitness Friday’s. For my workout today I did some seated dumbbell curls. They got my arms our here aching lol!!! But it was a great workout and now I’m extra ready to attack this day. Stay healthy and fit people.

The link to the proper way to do this workout is below –

Seated Arm Curl

Still Relaxing With Chris Stokes

Chris Stokes

Ok…so I had soooo much fun this past weekend I had to share one more photo from my wonderful weekend. It’s a wonderful time to be aware of the things that you have going on and value in your life. Truly enjoy the rest of your week good people.

Chris Stokes Monday Motivation

Chris Stokes

It’s so important to take some time for yourself. Had a great spiritual weekend with friends and got an opportunity to refresh and relax. Time to get back to work and make things happen. Have a great week everyone!!!

Throwback Thursday-Chris Stokes On The Set Of Always And Forever

A little throwback to the time I got to work on set with these beautiful ladies. Loretta Devine is wonderful, talented actress that I’ve always wanted to work with and the lovely and talented Cynthia Addai-Robinson. Shooting Always And Forever was such a great time, hope to get to work with these wonderful women again soon. See you at the premiere!!!!

Getting Ready For A Strong 2019 With Chris Stokes

Chris Stokes

Chris Stokes, the chairman of Footage Films is gearing up to take his company to new heights in the new year. The seasoned Director, Writer and Producer is making some major decisions in the upcoming year to further position his company as force in the studio space. Since 2015 Footage Films has been consistently making and delivering quality urban content to the physical and digital space and is now set to do more. “I can’t tell you what we have in store yet, but this is going to be biggest year to date for Footage Films!!!” Stay tuned……..

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