Bobbi Kristina Brown’s Inheritance Gets “Restructured”

The trustees of Whitney Houston‘s estate want to change the structure of payments to the late singer’s daughter, Bobbi Kristina Brown.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Whitney’s mother and sister-in-law – who were put in of handling financial affairs after the music icon’s death in February — have filed a petition to restructure Brown’s inheritance as they see her as “a highly visible target for those who would exert undue influence over her inheritance and/or seek to benefit from respondent’s resources and celebrity.”

How does this affect Whitney’s final wishes?

The five-page document reads that the schedule of distributions of Brown’s inheritance conflict with Whitney’s “intent to provide long-term financial security and protection for her child,” as previously stated in her will.

The petition states “compliance with the provisions of the trust would defeat or substantially impair the accomplishment of the purposes of the trust, which were to provide for the proper maintenance and comfort of the respondent, and to prevent the wasting of trust assets, as evidence by the trust’s spendthrift provision.”

Houston’s mother, Grammy Award winner Cissy Houston, filed the petition in Fulton County Superior Court on September 25, saying in the document that any proposed amendment will still allow her granddaughter to live comfortably.

On March 8, Whitney’s will was disclosed, stating that her 19-year-old daughter with ex-husband Bobby Brown will receive “all of her furnishings, clothing, personal effects, jewelry and cars,” though no specific details were released.

Houston’s money was put in a trust fund where Brown will receive it in three stages: at age 21, 25 and finally 30. Trustees were reportedly able to give money from the trust “for various purposes, including tuition, to buy a home and to start a business.”

This petition comes just weeks before the big premiere of The Houstons: On Our Own, which stars Brown and the family adjusting to life after Whitney’s death. [Celebuzz]

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