5 Things You Can Learn About Chris Stokes And Raz B

1. Chris Stokes Has Been In The Entertainment Industry For Over 30 Years

Chris started working in the music business when he was 18 years old.  Since then he has discovered, worked with and shaped the careers of some of the most famous people in the Entertainment Industry.

2. Chris Stokes Has 4 Siblings

Chris has always been a family man by nature.  He has 4 brothers and sisters.  Chris is the second to the youngest child.  They all grew up together in Los Angeles.

3. Chris Stokes Has Acted In Two Of His Own Movies

Although Chris loves to spend his time behind the camera, he’s also graced the screen by being in front of the camera.  In his movie House Party 4: Down To The Last Minute Chris played a mechanic named Ray Ray and in Somebody Help Me 2 he played a security guard named Otis.

Chris Stokes Sitting On Top Of The World

4. Chris Stokes And Raz B Are Cousins

Chris’ family is originally from Cleveland, Ohio which is also Raz B’s hometown.  Chris was born in Los Angeles, CA but his family moved there from Cleveland.

5. Chris Stokes Put Raz B In His First Movie

Chris Stokes is the writer and director of the cult classic dance film You Got Served.  As the director of the film he was able to have the group B2K (which included Raz B) as stars of the movie.  The movie was a box office success.

Chris Stokes on the move

1. Raz B Is From Cleveland, Ohio

Raz B was born in the City Of Cleveland on June 13, 1985.  He spent the early part of his childhood in Cleveland before moving out to Los Angeles.

Raz B Smiling

2. Raz B Is One Of The Original Group Members In B2K

The R&B Boy Band B2K which was founded by Chris Stokes included Raz B as one of it’s original members.  While in the group Raz B did two albums, B2K and Pandemonium which were both very successful.  He also starred in the movie You Got Served while in the group.

B2K Vibe Cover

3. Raz B Toured As A Solo Artist In China 

Raz B went on to pursue a solo career after B2K broke up.  As a solo artist he toured and performed all over China for a few years.

4. Raz B Has A Son

Raz was able to add the honoring title of “father” under his belt after the birth of his son.

5.  Raz B Is A Multi Talented Artist

Raz B is a very talented dancer, singer and actor.  He was able to showcase these talents during his tenure in B2K and went on to continue showcasing them after the group’s disbandment.

Raz B with his fans